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News update: Printed COR Certifites

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Complete Safety Programs for Industry

We have the skills and resources you need to learn how to create and maintain compliant safety programs and worksites. And save money on premiums as a result.
SafetyDriven partners with employers to coach them how to develop their own credible safety programs to beme safer, improve efficiency, prevent accidents and protect workers and rgo.


For Managers & Supervisors

Build a Safety Program

A workplace environment becomes at risk for three main reasons; management is unaware of updated safety codes and practices, or they are unprepared for an incident which could use a shutdown, or they lack the skills and knowledge to bring their operation up to level which ensures the safety of their workers and the preservation of their equipment.

We n help you build a recognized best practices Safety Program that will increase operating efficiencies and lower costs of risk.

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For Drivers & Workers

Know Your Rights

What happens if you refuse to undertake a task where there is risk of bodily harm? What should you do if you see unsafe practices at your place of work? These are dilemmas that drivers and workers come across on a regular basis.

Knowing what to do comes from knowing your rights. And you n learn more about them here:


For Health & Safety Representatives

Improve Workplace Safety

The impact of insufficient risk management n be felt long after the havoc a serious incident n use. Creating an effective safety program has to include everything from initial assessment to implementing a culture of safety with a program respected by all personnel.

We work with and guide you through the creation and implementation of a best practices Safety Program that will protect your staff and your equipment, lower the cost of risk and increase your efficiencies.


Certifite of Recognition (COR)

COR is awarded to employers who implement and maintain an occupational health and safety management system that exceeds regulatory requirements and successfully meets a set of independently audited standards.

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Safety Talk Ideas

SafetyDriven has a list of great topics for your next safety meeting… Learn More

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